Water sports clubs

With an overall area of 29 hectares, a width of around 270 metres and a length of 1230 metres, the Allersee lake offers excellent conditions for sport on and in the water.

A swimming paradise

The Allersee lake is an ideal swimming location for all water babies, from beginners through to professionals. The lake in the Allerpark not only features a swimming zone and areas with extremely shallow water, but also a special highlight for visitors who prefer to sit back and relax in the sun in the form of comfortable wooden sunbathing islands located close to the water’s edge. The lake additionally offers long swimming lanes that are sure to challenge even the most ambitious of athletes. The Allersee combines exercise, leisure and relaxation without a drop of chlorine and is a true swimming paradise!

It is also a top swimming location where cleanliness is concerned. The lake's water quality has been awarded top marks several times over and makes it the ideal place to enjoy pure swimming and bathing fun. You can find out more (in German) about the classification of the lake by the Public Health Department of the German Land of Lower Saxony (NLGA) here.

The German Life-Saving Association (DLRG) works to ensure that the Allersee is a safe place to swim. The lake’s particularly high safety standards have even enabled the Allerpark to receive an award for its “Bewachter Strand (Lifeguarded Beach)”.

Ideal for fishing and boating fun

The Allersee offers visitors the opportunity to go canoeing, rowing or sailing or spend some time fishing in its quiet and peaceful coves. The sports mentioned above are supported by a number of clubs and associations in the Allerpark that are experts in their fields and offer both courses and equipment hire. You can find out more about these clubs and associations below:

Water sports clubs

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