”Marinekameradschaft“ naval association

The Former Marines Association “Marinekameradschaft Wolfsburg und Umgebung e.V.”

Like many other German cities, Wolfsburg is also home to a special “Kameradschaft” association for former soldiers from the Imperial German Navy, “Reichsmarine”, “Kriegsmarine”, German Merchant Navy and German Navy. The “Marinekameradschaft Wolfsburg und Umgebung e.V.” was founded in October 1953 and entered in the Register of Associations of Wolfsburg District Court on 10th February 1959. The association’s clubhouse was then built in the south of the Allerpark, between the Allersee lake and the Mittelland Canal, several years later.

The members of the Marinekameradschaft gather at the clubhouse on a regular basis to enjoy talks, events and small celebrations. The association now not only welcomes relatives of marines, but also, and in particular, water sports fans and other interested citizens among its ranks.

New members are always welcome!

”Marinekameradschaft“ naval association
In den Allerwiesen 8, 38446 Wolfsburg
+49 (0) 5361 43 32 6

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