Beach Volleyball

Sport and Fun for Everyone

With its exciting rallies, soft sandy surface and relaxed atmosphere combined with ambitious sporting achievements, beach volleyball offers fun with a capital. Between the Allersee lake and the BadeLand water fun park, the Allerpark offers its visitors a special beach feeling in the form of three beach volleyball courts (40m x 28m) that enable both beginners and beach volleyball experts to dive into the white sand and put their muscles to the test as they attempt to return the ball.

The beach volleyball area is also home to rostrum-like sand walls at a height of nearly two metres that provide fans, friends and interested spectators with an excellent view of the matches below, while anyone who wants to get closer to the action can grab a front-row seat on the sandstone boulders on the edge of the courts.

The volleyball courts are open to all visitors for free throughout the summer season; simply bring your volleyball and come and play! The courts cannot be reserved.

Beach Volleyball

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