AOK Stadium

The New Home of the Women's and Youth Teams of the VfL Wolfsburg Football Club

In combination with the VfL Football World, the AOK Stadium is the latest achievement to be constructed in the Allerpark. At the beginning of the second half of the 2014/2015 German football season, the facility constructed as a pure football stadium became the new home of the women’s and youth teams of the VfL Wolfsburg football club. The new AOK Stadium has been offering space for up to 5200 spectators (in 1800 seats and 3400 standing places, all of which are covered) ever since. The stadium known as the “jewellery box” in the Allerpark in Wolfsburg sets new standards in the German women's football league and meets the highest demands, even those required for the men's third division.

“The decision to develop a new stadium for VfL Wolfsburg in this location was both important and correct. It’s not only about top-quality sport, but also about the Allersee as a tourist destination”, declared the Mayor of Wolfsburg, Klaus Mohrs, when speaking about the park’s new attraction. The AOK Stadium has provided the Allerpark with yet another truly impressive highlight since the beginning of 2015.

As if the top-quality football played by the VfL women’s and youth teams wasn’t enough, the stadium is also home to the cups&coffee café on the ground floor, where visitors can relax and enjoy a tasty drink on non-match days. The ultimate attraction, however, is the VfL Football World, which is integrated into the stadium.

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